Descendants of James CHURCHER

Third Generation

20. Florence May CHURCHER (Susan CHURCHER , James ) was born on 22 Jan 1887 in Walkerville.

Florences Father is unknown. Her Mother was 19 at the time of her birth.
Her birth certificate shows her mother to be Susan, father unknown, however her marriage certificate says her Father is her Grandfather, James Churcher. The Destitute Asylum records for the birth of her sister Catherine states her Mothers first child was going to be kept by her Mother. I assume that she was raised by her grandparents.

SA Births Index
SA Marriage Certificate
Mothers Destitute Asylum records GRG 28/5/3 (92)

Florence married Edward RAWSON son of Walter Ernest RAWSON and Louisa BLUMEL on 4 Jan 1911 in Mr Turnbulls Res. Gibson St, Bowden, SA. Edward was born on 25 Aug 1889 in Adelaide, South Australia.

They had the following children:

  31 M i Reginald RAWSON.
        Reginald married unknown.
  32 M ii Walter Edward RAWSON.
        Walter married Olive Estella Nance DANSIE.

23. Susan Mary BEST (Susan CHURCHER , James ) was born on 16 May 1905 in Thebarton, SA. She died on 4 Dec 1975 in Home for Incurables.


Death notice, Advertiser - December December 5th, 1975

Susan married Frederick George HUSSEY son of Frederick Charles HUSSEY and Elizabeth THOMAS on 27 Jan 1923 in St Patricks Church, Hindmarsh District. Frederick was born on 11 Nov 1902 in Adelaide, SA. He died on 5 Dec 1976 in Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Frederick's trade listed on his marriage certificate was 'Book Finisher'

marriage certificate SAGHS
Sieberts Undertakers Notes
Death notice, Advertiser - December 6th, 1976

Frederick and Susan had the following children:

  33 M i Raymond HUSSEY.
  34 F ii Norma HUSSEY was born on 26 Aug 1929.
        Norma married Jack TAYLOR. Jack was born on 31 Aug 1927.
  35 F iii Sylvia HUSSEY.
        Sylvia married (1) Laurence Bernard FITZPATRICK on 14 Nov 1953. Laurence was born on 20 Aug 1923. He died on 19 Nov 1980.
        Sylvia married (2) Robert Alexander Martin PARK on 5 Dec 1981.
  36 M iv David Frederick HUSSEY.
        David married Pamela Ann SMYTHE on 26 Nov 1966.

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