Descendants of Peder Winther HANSEN

Third Generation

4. Ingvald Angel HANSEN (Hans Winther PEDERSEN , Peder Winther ) was born on 15 Apr 1878. He died on 17 Sep 1944.

Ingvald had a foster son Olav Normann d. 54yrs

Norwegian 1900 Census

Ingvald married Oline ANDREASDATTER daughter of Andreas Severin Vang KRISTIANSEN and Anne Margarete JENSEN. Oline was born on 4 Apr 1882 in Tysnes, Hamarøy. She died on 17 Dec 1963.

Oline was called Lina or "Lina pa Gjerdet"
name on grave "Lina Hansen Bogen"

Norwegian 1900 Census

Ingvald and Oline had the following children:

  10 F i Alvilde Severine Amalie HANSEN was born in 1908. She died in 1992.
        Alvilde married Sverre WINTHER.
  11 F ii Margit Jakobine HANSEN was born in 1910. She died in 2001.
        Margit married Mathias SKOGEKKER.

6. Cecile Marie HANSDATTER (Hans Winther PEDERSEN , Peder Winther ) was born on 7 Mar 1883. She died on 4 May 1939.

Norwegian 1900 Census

Cecile was not married to Albert Marselius ANDREASSEN [image] son of Andreas Severin Vang KRISTIANSEN and Anne Margarete JENSEN. Albert was born on 6 Jan 1889 in Hamarøy Norway. He died on 27 Dec 1950 in Broken Hill. He was buried in Broken Hill Cemetery, NSW.

Albert was aged 31 at the time of his marriage and 61 at his death.
He changed his name to Albert Christiansen Moe, apparently as it was thought the name would be easier for people to say or spell when he came to Australia and due to the patronymic naming in Norway at the time. There is a farm in Norway called Moen Østre, Tysnes in Hamerøy Nordland where his family where shown to have lived in the 1900 census so it is likely that this was why the Moe surname was chosen.
Occupation on daughter Mary's birth certificate was Miner.
Albert served in WW1 and at the end of war in 1919 had leave from England to go to Norway for 2 months.

Death Certificate
Broken Hill Cemetery
Broken Hill 'Barrier Daily Truth' death notices, 28-12-1950.
University of Bergen online Census.

Albert and Cecile had the following children:

  12 M i Martin HANSEN.

Died at about age 12yrs

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