Descendants of Henry BEST

Second Generation

3. John Henry BEST [image] (Henry ) was born on 19 Jul 1848 in Sydney. He was christened on 14 Aug 1848 in Parish of Alexandria, Paddington, NSW. He died on 9 Sep 1921 in Mental Hospital Parkside. He was buried on 10 Sep 1921 in West Terrace Cemetery.

His birth was registered at Alexandria, Paddington NSW, but listed on his undertakers notes as being born at sea.
Family stories vary about John Henry being the first baby born in Australia to the first baby living in the Victoria Barracks in Sydney. The latter being a reasonable assumption as John Henry was born around the time his Father Henry arrived from Norfolk and stayed at the Barracks. Whether he was actually born there or just the first baby to reside there is unclear.
John Henry was 24 yrs old at time of his marriage.
In 1894 John took some of his children to Ramco, a new village settlement near Waikerie. Notes from his daughter Florence suggest the 2 oldest children (Henry & Mary Agnes) had left home and the youngest (Walter) had been raised for 3 years by his aunt Agnes Ludemann, but then went with John to Ramco. The book on Waikerie lists John Henry with 4 children at Ramco. We know that Charles and Florence were there, but Henry, Mary.A were not. That leaves 2 children not accounted for, it's possible the number was taken after the death of Charles in 1898 and did not take into account young Walter who may have spent some of his early years in the care of his aunt Mary Anne Morgan.

Witnesses at marriage:-
James Jennings, Henry Best (Police Constable), Louisa Best

Marriage certificate at the SAGHS
Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-1885
NSW Birth Registration #: V18482278 33A/1848 (which is only a Baptism record, no birth seems available)
SA Death Certificate No. 31969
History of Waikerie Gateway to the Riverland by Jean M Nunn
Ramco the first 100 years
WTC Lease#: 10537

John married (1) Sarah JENNINGS [image] daughter of James JENNINGS and Eliza DIBBLE on 28 Jun 1873 in Trinity Church, Adelaide. Sarah was born on 27 May 1850 in Mount Torrens. She died on 25 Nov 1891 in Adelaide Hospital. She was buried on 26 Nov 1891 in West terrace cemetery.

Died 1 month after giving birth to son Walter.
Sarah was 23 yrs of age when married.
At the time of her death she was living in Marlborough St Adelaide where it is believed that the photo of her and the children standing in front of a house was taken around 1890.

Marriage certificate at the SAGHS
Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-1885
WTC lease#: 10537

John and Sarah had the following children:

+ 11 M i Henry BEST was born on 10 May 1875. He died on 10 Aug 1956.
+ 12 F ii Mary Agnes BEST was born on 5 Aug 1877. She died on 17 Mar 1965.
+ 13 M iii James BEST was born on 4 Jan 1880. He died on 13 Aug 1960.
+ 14 M iv George BEST was born on 16 Aug 1882. He died on 9 Sep 1962.
  15 M v Charles BEST was born on 16 Aug 1882 in Adelaide, South Australia. He was christened on 17 Sep 1882 in St Lukes Church, Whitmore Square, Adelaide. He died on 2 Sep 1898 in Ramco. The cause of death was Bronchial Pneumonia.

Twin Brother of George
Baptised St Lukes C/E 17 September 1882
At age 15 was admitted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital suffering Potts curvature
Died aged 16 at Ramco

Death certificate
+ 16 F vi Eliza BEST was born on 9 Dec 1884. She died on 24 Jan 1945.
+ 17 F vii Florence Louisa BEST was born on 8 Sep 1887. She died on 30 Apr 1985.
+ 18 M viii Walter BEST was born on 6 Oct 1891. He was christened on 29 Apr 1975.

John married (2) Susan CHURCHER [image] daughter of James CHURCHER and Susan VALE on 3 Jun 1902 in John St Hindmarsh. Susan was born in 1868 in Surrey, England. She died on 10 Feb 1943 in Lourdes Valley, Glen Osmond, SA. She was buried on 12 Feb 1943 in Hindmarsh Cemetery.

John Henrys second marriage.
She had three children prior to her marriage to John Henry,
1) Florence May Churcher (at age 19)
2) Catherine Maud Churcher (at age 21)
3) George churcher, died at 9 days

Susans address on the SAGHS cemetery index was 3 Dover St, Maylands.
It also gives her age as 76, which means her birthday must have been before 11th of February.

John and Susan had the following children:

+ 19 F ix Susan Mary BEST was born on 16 May 1905. She died on 4 Dec 1975.

4. Mary Ann BEST (Henry ) was born about 1850 in Adelaide South Australia. She died on 10 May 1926 in Rose St Mile End SA. The cause of death was Mitral Insufficiency.

75 yrs of age at death
Known to reside in Currie St Adelaide c 1896 and Rose St Mile End where she lived till her death.
lived in Melbourne around 1891-1892 according to postal directories

Mary married Charles Edward Wilson MORGAN son of Richard Bedmead MORGAN and Charlotte WILLSON on 10 Jun 1872 in St Jude Church, Brighton South Australia. Charles was born on 11 Sep 1849 in 7 Little Bruton St Berkley Square Mayfair. He was christened on 22 Feb 1852 in St Luke Westminster London. He died on 25 Dec 1918 in Royal Adelaide Hospital, South Australia.

Occupation Plasterer
Living at Rose St Mile End at time of death
Came to the colonies 19th Jan 1853 aboard the Shackamaxon at 3 yrs of age
lived in Melbourne around 1891-1892 according to postal directories

Death Certificate SAGHS

Charles and Mary had the following children:

+ 20 M i Charles Henry MORGAN was born on 5 Oct 1873. He died on 27 Jul 1939.
  21 F ii Charlotte Wilson MORGAN was born on 1 Aug 1875. She died on 1 Jan 1876.

Died 5 months of age

SA Deaths 1842-1915 SAGHS
+ 22 F iii Florence Louisa MORGAN was born on 20 Nov 1876. She died in 1961.
  23 F iv Ada MORGAN was born on 19 May 1879.
  24 F v Fanny MORGAN was born on 29 Jun 1880.

Died age 1 month
  25 M vi Frederick MORGAN was born on 26 Sep 1882. He died in 1883.

Died age 5 months
+ 26 M vii George Frederick MORGAN was born on 26 Jan 1884. He died on 15 May 1950.
  27 F viii Emily MORGAN was born on 26 Mar 1887. She died on 19 Apr 1887 in Hackney, South Australia.
  28 M ix Henry Bidmead MORGAN was born in 1891 in Footscray, Victoria. He died on 7 Feb 1891 in Ovens St, town of Footscray, county of Bourke, Vic. He was buried on 7 Feb 1891 in Footscray, Victoria.

Died at age 13 days
Birth Reg#. 1711
Death Reg#. 3295

7. Louisa BEST (Henry ) was born on 24 Nov 1857 in Adelaide, South Australia. She died in Oct 1915. She was buried on 16 Oct 1915 in West Terrace Cemetery.

Louisa FILLMORE (nee Best) is listed as living at Goodwood SA at the time of her Mothers admission to the Destitute Asylum.
She died aged 57
Her Father Henry Best signed his name on her birth certificate as "John Henry", the name of his son.
Place of residence at time of death was Louisa St, Goodwood.
*Interesting to live in a street the same as your own name.

WTC lease#: 6424

Louisa married Charles Mathew FILLMORE son of Charles FILLMORE on 8 Nov 1877 in Trinity Church, Adelaide. Charles was born in 1850. He died on 4 Dec 1907 in Louisa St, Goodwood, SA. He was buried on 5 Dec 1907 in West Terrace Cemetary.

In the 1885 SA Directory his occupation is Painter and his residence is Goodwood.
Age 57 at time of death
WTC lease#: 6424

Charles and Louisa had the following children:

+ 29 M i Henry William FILLMORE was born on 6 Sep 1878. He died on 2 Jun 1928.
+ 30 M ii George FILLMORE was born on 8 May 1880. He died on 20 Sep 1934.
+ 31 M iii Richard Millard FILLMORE was born on 16 Jan 1887. He died on 26 Jun 1971.
  32 F iv Florence Mary FILLMORE was born on 15 Dec 1888 in Goodwood, SA. She died on 31 Dec 1888 in Goodwood, SA. She was buried on 1 Jan 1889 in West Terrace Cemetary.

Died at 2 weeks 2 days

Birth certificate SAGHS
+ 33 F v Myrtle FILLMORE was born on 6 Feb 1893.

10. Agnes BEST (Henry ) was born on 5 Mar 1865 in Adelaide, South Australia. She died unkown.

Known to reside in Currie St Adelaide c 1896

Agnes married Wilhelm LUDEMANN on 20 Jan 1892 in Residence of Mr Best, Brown St, SA. Wilhelm was born in 1862 in Hanover, Prussia. He died on 15 Dec 1929 in 2 Charles St, Forrestville, SA. He was buried on 16 Dec 1929 in West Terrace Cemetary.

Wilhem came from Hastadt, East Prussia according to shipping records
He arrived on the ship Barcelona from Hamburg on 17th Nov 1882 at Port Adelaide. The ship also went to Melbourne and Sydney.
Wilhelm was age 20 when he arrived and was in Australia 9 years before his marriage

Occupation: Tailors presser

Marriage certificate SAGHS
Death certificate SAGHS
Germanic shipping arrivals

Wilhelm and Agnes had the following children:

+ 34 M i William Henry LUDEMANN was born on 6 Aug 1895. He died on 21 Dec 1941.
  35 M ii Cyril Herman LUDEMANN was born on 4 Sep 1897 in Goodwood, SA.
        Cyril married Myrtle Victoria SHARD on 1 Oct 1921 in Adelaide District.
  36 F iii Gertrude Agnes LUDEMANN was born on 6 Nov 1899 in Goodwood, SA.
        Gertrude married Harry COULSON on 25 Apr 1924 in Burra District.
  37 F iv May LUDEMANN was born on 5 Jul 1901 in Goodwood Park, SA.
        May married Lionel Robert BURNS on 4 Aug 1921 in Adelaide.
  38 M v Frederick Leslie LUDEMANN was born on 26 Dec 1903 in Goodwood Park, SA.
  39 M vi Harold Roy LUDEMANN was born on 10 Dec 1905 in Goodwood Park, SA. He died on 20 Dec 1940 in Royal Adelaide Hospital, South Australia. The cause of death was Intestinal obstruction. He was buried on 21 Dec 1940 in West Terrace Cemetary.

Occupation Labourer
At the time of his death he was living at 47 Arthur St Unley

Death Certificate SAGHS
        Harold married Doris Irene DIXON (NEE COX) on 1 May 1937 in Adelaide District.

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