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17. Lydia Lillian CHITTY (Lydia Banes BURGESS , Nehemiah , William ) was born on 16 Sep 1878 in 1 Prospect Terrace, Sylvester Rd, Walthomstow. She died in 1968.

Lillys mother died when she was 5yrs old, and she did not get on with her step mother. It appears likely that she grew up with her Chitty grandparents. She worked at Baths in Bournemouth before coming to Australia. Her daughter Margaret tells that her mother came to Australia partly on doctors advice that she seek a warmer climate when she was in her late 20's, making it sometime around 1905-1910.
In 1901 Lydia was a Dressmaker in Bournemouth.


Birth Certificate
1881 Census SAGHS, LDS Family Search
1901 PRO Census Online

Lydia married Robert STEWART [image] son of Peter STEWART and Agnes LISTON on 30 Jul 1914. Robert was born on 23 Mar 1876 in Tyrie, Aberdeen, Scotland. He died on 8 Aug 1966 in Sydney.

Born 36 Low St, New Pitsligo, Tyrie, Scotland.
Robert served in the British Highland Light Infantry for 11 years. He then worked in Woodilee Hospital, Lenzie, Dunbartonshire, a mental asylum for about a year till just after his mother died in 1905. Some time after this he came to Australia where he married Lilly. Their first child Mary was only 3 months old before Robert signed up for duty during WWI and served in the 56th Battalion of the Australian Imperial Force in Europe. Robert was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal. AIF No. 1742.
On his return Robert and Lilly had their other two children, Robert and Margaret, and shifted to Griffith where they took on a settlers block and grew oranges and mandarins till he left the farm in 1942 at age 66 and returned to Sydney.


WWI Service Records
Birth certificate
Marriage Certificate
Glasgow Health Board Archives - Woodilee Asylum
Aberdeenshire & NE Scotland Family History Society

Robert and Lydia had the following children:

  20 F i Mary Isabel STEWART was born on 17 Nov 1915. She died in 1972.
        Mary married Living.
  21 M ii Living
        Living married Patricia Alfhild MOE [image] daughter of Albert Marselius ANDREASSEN and Ethel May WILSON. Patricia was born on 21 Jan 1926 in Broken Hill. She died on 22 Aug 1968 in Adelaide, South Australia. She was buried in Centennial Park, Adelaide.

Born at 674 Beryl St, Broken Hill

During WW2 she was in the Womens Land Army
Worked for chemists in BH and Sydney.

Barrier Daily Truth birth notices 30/1/1926
  22 F iii Living
        Living married Living.

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